May 20, 2018

Seamless Paper Backgrounds

Joe Edleman shares a few tips about maintaining seamless paper backgrounds.

--- Mark ---

May 14, 2018

Fill The Frame

0000A little composition tip from Joe Edleman.  He is a portrait photographer and photo edocater located in the US.  I like him and recommend him to anyone who like photographing people in a studio setting.  Chck him out.

--- Nark ---

May 3, 2018

Story Telling

Is photography story telling?

Some people think so.

This short video by Ted Forbes talks about it a bit.

--- Mark ---

March 30, 2018

Street Photography Tips.

Valerie Jardin recently made a guest appearance on TWIP, one of my favorite reconquest for photo stuff.

I thought I'd share one of her YouTube videos giving a couple tips for others that might be interested in street photography.

Hope you enjoy it.

--- Mark ---